IO3: Library of Patterns

One of the goals of the INSTALL-ed project is to develop the library of patterns, which would be supporting teachers to understand how to use digital technologies to foster the development of students’ self-regulated learning skills. 

The original term design patterns is the generic term used for the framework. A common way of describing design patterns found in related literature is the following: ‘A pattern is a solution to a recurrent problem, in a context’ (Goodyear & Retalis, 2010). In the INSTALL-ed project, we took as a basis the recurring challenges related to self-regulated learning- what are the research-based obstacles that students face in their learning process related to self-regulatory processes. 

In our project we have defined four main challenges: 

In our project, we design and validate solutions for each of these challenges in the form of learning designs. Each of the learning designs includes strategies, which are enriched with the learning technologies. Such solutions are beneficial for the teachers as practitioners who would like to promote students’ SRL skills in their classroom. At the same time solutions might provide insights for the technology providers to develop learning technologies, which support the development of SRL.

Goodyear, P., & Retalis, S. (2010). Learning, technology and design. In P. Goodyear & S. Retalis (Eds.), Technology-enhanced learning: design patterns and pattern languages (pp. 1–28). Sense.

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