7_Story van Ellen

Design principle nr. 7: Voorwaarden voor een innovatieklimaat

A new day for educational innovation: Ellen's story

Ellen, the high school principal, ran into limitations when she found out that one of her teachers was keen to experiment a new tool called TimeTrack. The tool worked nicely on learning objectives and the data could be uploaded to a learning platform, but unfortunately this was not the platform the school group was working with.

Ellen wondered if the government could not impose integration rules to simplify the process. Searching for possible solutions, she came across Solid. Would Solid offer the answers she was looking for? But before she could think further, the school bell rang. Ellen knew she needed to focus her attention on day-to-day activities, but the idea of integrating TimeTrack and the existing learning platform stuck in her mind.

One day, Ellen decided to look into it further and discovered ConnectED (fictional), an innovative platform that helps schools integrate different systems and tools, thus avoiding the lock-in she was in. Ellen was delighted and immediately decided to explore the concept further. The beauty was that her teacher could easily integrate Elke TimeTrack. This also allows them to conduct better experimentation, with less plan burden and also a better view of the results. They can compare these with another approach. This would be a turbo on the measure-is-know approach she has been trying to promote for years.

From then on, Ellen became a big supporter of ConnectED. And so much for the story, which ConnectED is fictional. But were it not, Ellen brought the concept to the attention of her school group and other schools. The idea of moving from vendor lock-in to continuity assurance would become a key in the growth of digital innovation and implementation.