3_Story van Ellen

Design principle nr. 3: School & Team blueprints

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Director Ellen sees the value of Koen and Elke's approach and gives them the opportunity to present their approach (De WijsWerkM!X) during an educational study day. This inspires the whole team and they decide to use the approach to deal with absences. Two teachers even want to create a structure to set up STEM projects according to this approach together.

Ellen reflects on this and decides that she wants to design digital templates for STEM and STUDY under the names StemM!X and StudyM!X during a future pedagogical study day. She calls it enthusiastic or school blueprints. But then comes a lot of questions. Where and how can digital school blueprints be created? How can teachers collaborate on a digital platform to fill in those templates and provide learning activities? What didactic ground rules would they use in doing so to promote self-regulated learning? How can learning activities from different sources be brought together on a digital platform?

A school blueprint is a nice idea, but initially it looks like they would have to get a learning platform built themselves. Or could EdTech be working on this in the meantime? Ellen goes in search.