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<weekly goal>

<weekly goal>

<Weekly Goals>
As a learner, I can use the <Weekly Goal> feature to set personal learning goals for the week, with the help of suggested keywords or incomplete sentences. This will help me to focus on what I want to achieve and provide direction for my learning. Throughout the week, I can review my progress and adapt my goals to the circumstances, ensuring that I continue to make meaningful progress towards my educational objectives.

As a teacher, I can use <Weekly Goal> to help students set meaningful learning goals. The suggested keywords or half sentences help guide them in identifying areas where they need to improve or explore further. Throughout the week, I can monitor progress and offer feedback.

Story of Ella

How Ella and Peter Used Weekly Goals to Improve Learning Outcomes

Ella is a first grade high school student who struggled with staying organized and focused. She often felt overwhelmed by the amount of work she had to do and didn't know where to start. 

Her teacher, Peter, noticed her struggles and suggested they try the <Weekly Goals> feature. Peter showed Ella how to use the feature, which provided suggested keywords and half sentences to help her set realistic goals for the week. 

Ella found this really helpful, as it gave her direction and made her feel more in control of her learning. Throughout the week, Peter checked in with Ella to see how she was doing and offered feedback on her progress. He also helped her adapt her goals when necessary, based on her evolving needs. At the end of the week, Ella reviewed her progress and felt proud of what she had achieved. She felt more organized and focused, and her grades began to improve. Peter was pleased with her progress and could see how the <Weekly Goals> feature had helped her develop her self-directed learning skills.

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