8_Story van Sofie

Design principle nr.8 : Connect-ED.tech? Ontzorgen!

From concern to confidence: Sofie's story

It is 2032. Sofie thinks back. They called her a geek at school ;-). Always curious about technology and how you could improve things digitally. One day, she had a conversation with her STEM teacher Koen about the challenges she faced when using technology in the classroom. She wanted to create a classroom talent map. They discussed parents' concerns about personal data protection and how this hindered her idea.

At a parents' evening, Koen then told them about ConnectED (Fictive), an innovation platform that de-risked GDPR and offered a data architecture that unified privacy and technology. The platform was specifically designed for schools and had learning activities as data anchors. It was just a nascent project but Koen brought it up because of concerns among some parents.

Now Sofie is a teacher herself and ConnectED has become the norm. A huge driver for the strength of every school in Flanders. But StartUps also find it ideal to put their technology to the quality test. Sofie couldn't believe that teachers like Koen had ever worked without ConnectED.