2_Story van Sofie, Elke & Koen

Design principle. 2: More focus on the learning process

Overcoming obstacles in co-teaching: Koen en Elke's journey

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Sofie was enthusiastic about Mr Koen's approach (De WijsWerkM!X). She and her classmates told Ms Elke about it during Dutch class. Elke was intrigued and decided to talk to Koen. They discovered that they would both love to implement this approach. More than that, Elke suggested asking the management if they could co-teach next year to test out the approach for the school.  They were already given the green light to develop their idea a bit further into a proposal. To this end, they set to work to see if they could create a learning design together. 

When they tried to work this out together, they ran into the problem that their digital learning platform did not allow collaboration in this way. There is a lot out there for courses, but there are fewer options for collaborating with a focus on learning design. Elke and Koen realised that they needed to look for a platform that better matched their learning design so that they could guide and help students achieve the best results.

This suddenly made their idea a bit difficult for the management. Changing platforms was not an option. Elke and Koen now each use their own learning design. The co-teaching story awaits a positive response to a feature request at their learning platform. Even though Sofie is again happy that now Elke is also more or less adopting Koen's approach. If Elke and Koen were co-teaching, there was even more room to optimise instruction and coaching.