4_Story OFF Koen AND Elke

Design principle nr. 4:
Learning activity & active learning as a cornerstone

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Koen and Elke find solution to E-content limitations

Koen and Elke, two enthusiastic teachers of Dutch and Mathematics, took a close look at their pupils' learning activities in their class. They found that the pupils enjoy self-regulating and working together in the WijsWerkM!X, a structure that Koen had created and Elke later enriched wit with didactic ground rules. As a result, they work with more motivation. 

They started working together more in co-teaching ours and created a blueprint or template and fill it with new learning activities each week. They use a set of ground rules such as <self estimate>, <peer help> and <tick off> which they are both very concecuent about. This helps students grow in autonomy and collaborative learning. The game rules each have an action that makes the learning process and use of the game rules visual. They also link each learning activity to the learning objectives, giving them a clear picture of the pupils' progress (concept The LearningM!X, GO!).

However, Koen and Elke would like to be able to use external learning materials, some of which they can also adapt to their students' specific needs. Unfortunately, they discover that the E-content market is not open enough, and they often encounter closed monolithic offers. It is difficult to bring in a learning activity and combine it with their own materials in one overview for the learners. Moreover, it is impossible to adapt the materials to the specific needs of their students.

Koen and Elke are determined to find a solution to their challenges, and hope that a platform will be available in the future where they can efficiently and effectively use their learning activities and external learning materials for their students.