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<connect goal>

<Connect Goal>

As a learner, I can find a learning objective (in language I can understand) for each learning activity so I can track my progress and understand the purpose of the activity, which will help me stay motivated and focused on my learning goals.

As a teacher, I can link a learning goal to learning activities so I can ensure that the students understand the purpose of each activity and can see how it connects to the overall learning objectives, helping them stay focused and motivated in their studies.

The Missing Piece: Overcoming Vague Goalsetting in Self-Regulated Learning

As a student, having a clear understanding of the purpose behind each learning activity can be the key to staying focused and motivated in your studies. On the other hand, teachers want to provide their students with engaging and purposeful learning experiences, but it can be a challenge to align each activity with the students' learning goals.

This is where "Connect Goal" comes in – a rule of play of the Learning M!X concept, designed to bridge the gap between learning activities and learning objectives. By linking each learning goal to the corresponding activity, students can see the bigger picture and understand how each activity contributes to their overall learning objectives. This level of transparency helps students stay focused, motivated, and engaged in their studies.

Let's take a look at a student named Sarah and her science teacher, Mrs. Smith. Sarah, like many students, has a passion for learning, but she often finds herself feeling unmotivated and disengaged in the classroom.

That is, until Mrs. Smith implemented the idea of <Connect Goal>. By linking each learning activity to a clear and concise learning goal, Mrs. Smith was able to give Sarah and her classmates a deeper understanding of the purpose behind each assignment.

"I used to feel like I was just going through the motions in class," Sarah says. "But with this <Connect Goal> idea, I can see how each activity relates to my learning objectives. It helps me stay focused and motivated because I know exactly what I'm working towards."

For Mrs. Smith, <Connect Goal> has been a good companion. She has noticed a significant improvement in her students' engagement and motivation, as well as a better understanding of the purpose behind each learning activity.

<Connect Goal> is a powerful didactical rule of play. By making the learning process more transparent and engaging for students, <Connect Goal> can help students stay focused, motivated, and on track with their learning goals. It also orients learning design more towards the goals. "I'm more critical of what materials to use in relation to the goal" The concept of Connect Goal serves as an inspiration for EdTech companies to develop tools that support students in taking control of their own learning and personal growth.

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