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<Self evaluation>

<Self Evaluation>

As a learner, I evaluate the extent to which I have achieved the learning objectives according to the criteria set by the teacher, in order to activate my own metacognitive abilities.

As a teacher I can compare the difference between my (learning goal linked) evaluation and the learner's evaluation. I can interpret this difference so that I can, if necessary, use it to coach the learner's metacognitive accuracy.

The Struggle of Effective Learning: Can Strategy Tagging Help?

Self-regulated learning (SRL) is about taking control of one's own learning journey and being able to assess one's own progress and understanding of the material. One crucial aspect of SRL is self-assessment, where students are able to evaluate their own learning and understanding of the material. 

Meet Alex, a13-year-old boy who likes learning but often struggles to assess his own progress and understanding. He would frequently become frustrated and discouraged when he received poor grades on his assignments, despite feeling like he had put in a lot of effort. He became scared of evaluations.

Ms. Smith, Alex's 7th-grade teacher decided to incorporate <Self Evaluation> into her teaching method. She explained to Alex the purpose and process of self-evaluation and how it can help activate his own (metacognitive) abilities. Alex was hesitant to try self-evaluation. He was used to relying on the teacher's assessment and wasn't sure if he could accurately assess his own understanding. But with Ms. Sometimes, Alex and Ms. Smith would go over the criteria set by Ms. Smith for a learning task. Smith's guidance, he slowly started to understand how to use self-evaluation to his advantage. 

Always After self evaluation by the students, Ms. Smith would compare self-evaluations to her evaluation based on the learning goals. If there were discrepancies, she would use that information for example to coach Alex. 

Over time, Alex's confidence in his own abilities grew, and he became more motivated to learn. He was able to better understand his strengths and weaknesses and make changes to his study habits accordingly. 

As a result, his grades improved, and he felt more in control of his own learning journey. <Self Evaluation> had a significant impact on Alex's growth as a self-regulated learner and demonstrated the importance of self-assessment in the learning process.

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